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Discontinuation of daily room cleaning services: the new norm in hotels?

Eco-tourism has reshaped how hotels handle daily cleaning, impacting both guests and hotel operations. Many hotels have opted to make eco-friendly changes in housekeeping permanent, asserting that guests prefer this new service approach.

During the pandemic, numerous hotels halted daily room cleaning, causing guest safety concerns. Now, as tourism rebounds, major hotel brands provide daily housekeeping upon request. Some offer enhanced services to higher-paying guests, while others only provide daily cleaning upon guest request.

This shift toward selective cleaning aims at hygiene and cost reduction. Hotels have long encouraged guests to reduce towel usage, offering incentives for skipping daily room cleaning.

Luxury hotels have seen little change in housekeeping practices, although some perks have been removed for guests declining this service. Hotel giants haven’t yet explained their updated cleaning policies.

Hospitality experts identify four main reasons behind the decline in hotel cleaning services: cost, staffing, environmental perception, and guest privacy preferences. Some guests prefer limited contact with cleaning staff for personal items, viewing reduced cleaning as a step toward sustainability.

This change reflects evolving guest preferences and industry trends, shifting from an operation-centric to a more personalized, guest-focused service model. The transition is anticipated to boost guest satisfaction and reduce complaints. Despite the benefits, dissatisfaction remains among visitors like Terry Stanton, concerned about reduced services and access to basic housekeeping amenities.

Hotel housekeeping unions oppose the removal of daily cleaning, fearing significant job losses. Despite city regulations mandating daily cleaning, some hotels haven’t complied, leading to worker protests.

In conclusion, the reduction in cleaning services in hotels has a strong impact on the workforce of the cleaning industry and also affects the quality of service that the accommodation facilities offer to their guests.

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