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Accommodation Preferences Changes: Hotels vs. Airbnb and the New Trends of Travelers

With the increase in tourism prices, the expectations of travellers are also rising. According to international industry stakeholders, today’s travellers are mainly looking for value for money holidays and customisation of services.

In discussions held at the Hotel Data Conference 2023, hoteliers and industry experts analysed the dynamics of leisure travel demand and new traveller preferences. While luxury hotels offer high-quality accommodations, cruises, and all-inclusive vacations have also gained attention due to their affordability this summer

According to Hospitality Groups, travelers are looking for new ways to enjoy their holidays. As a result, demand for all-inclusive and cruise vacations has seen a significant increase, highlighting the preference for more integrated packages.

Moreover, other hotel experts, confirmed this trend, noting that hotels are readjusting their offerings. Instead of simple discounts, they are focusing on experiences and packages that can enhance the quality of stay.

A 15% increase in travelers traveling with pets is also highlighted, opening up new opportunities for hotels to attract this category of travelers.

Finally, analysing data and feedback from visitors is a key element in improving the experience offered. Hotels need to examine their weak points and adapt their services according to the increased expectations of their visitors.

As tourism evolves, the need to offer value and personalised services becomes even more crucial. Hotels that invest in these aspects are expected to gain the trust and preference of travellers in the future.

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